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A little about the symbolism of Sakura tree for the Chinese New Year

Japan is sending thousands of Sakura tree to China, Taiwan and Vietnam due the CNY celebration, there is an almost magical procedure that Japanese growers make in order to have Sakura trees ready for the time of Chinese New Year even do season did not start yet in Japan, but ¿why they are so popular? Why Farms make the cherry blossom to bloom ahead for this Celebration?

Chinese New Year is a celebration marking the end of the winter season and the beginning of spring. This is why decorating with plants, fruits and blooming flowers carries special significance. They represent the earth coming back to life and wishes for prosperous new beginnings.

Flowers represent new growth after the long winter and when flowers start to bloom, it signifies life and good fortune. Flowers will also lead to fruits, which is another symbol associated with fortune.

There are many flowers that are associated with this celebration. The Cherry blossom and water narcissus are two of the most popular flowers that are important Chinese New Year symbols of prosperity.

Chinese New Year is not just about culture and tradition. It signifies a change in the Feng Shui cycle. The animal year will change annually with new implications that take effect. To enjoy the beneficial energies and changes in the zodiac direction, you need to adjust your lifestyle, house, and office layout.

Japanese Cherry Blossoms are also quite popular during the Chinese New Year celebrations because of its beauty and importance, cherry blossom is depicted in Chinese paintings, poetry and in classical Chinese dance. It is also associated with the start of spring in China and Japan.

The plant is considered sacred in China.The flowers are customarily placed in beautiful and valuable vases. The peach fruit represents longevity and that makes the fruit and its flowers very important to the Chinese, especially around this time. In addition, peach blossom symbolizes romance, prosperity, and growth. These are popular with single young people, looking for love.

Winter flowers and blooms in late winter and early spring from a tree branch that looks lifeless. Emerging from its bark is the gorgeous blooms to amaze us with its beauty and color. The fragrance will surround the air and in that cold winter, you get to enjoy the delicate scent and colorful blooms. To the Chinese, these symbolize courage, hope, beauty, purity, and prosperity.

Monica Miranda

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