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Our Story

From Japan to the world 
 One beautiful flower is sold at the flower shop, overlapping splendid petals and amazing vivid colors. If you look away, there are a lot of lovely leaves that dance as if they are softening their dignity. This flower has the value of enchanting ¨beauty¨
Let's wrap this beautiful flower. It is a moment when the heart beats and if we can finish it with a nice ribbon, precious gift destinated to your loved one. Today is an important day to commemorate the affection that you are putting in it will wrap you around the flower, and make you smile, that will wrap you up.
"This flower is a beautiful country flower with warm sunlight that grows with the care of the farmers kind hands "
If you add this story to the dinnertime, the conversation will be even better.
─Yes, this moment─ The value of a single flower lined up at that store is “indispensable for the scene because it expands to great value that cannot be achieved with just quality  and price, And this value, which many will feel "swelled", We have to believe that it is the “real value” of a single flower.

However, how much of the world has delivered the “essential value” of a flower as it is? There are many cases where the original value is not recognized and became only empty of soul and meaning. This applies not only to flowers, but also to organizations, companies, people, products and services.
Ikebana is not only flowers; Ikebana is flowers with soul and meaning. We believe that through the value of "flower" Maximize and utilize the "intrinsic value" of all organizations, companies, people, products and services.

We have over 15 years of experience and the know-how in the flower industry We offer access to the most beautiful flowers from japan direct from the flowers to your hands. We consolidate the best grower’s production to offer all the options of varieties of Japanese season flowers accomplishing high standards of quality service and stability.

 Transcending languages, cultures, business practices, and carefully communicating. From the perspective of both the "delivery side" and the "reception side", we make "proposals with flowers" to deliver "true value".
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