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Means living flowers.

Throughout the history, cultures all over the world have used flowers as a form of unspoken communication. Japanese flowers are synonymous of the delicate and elegant beauty that enclose the mysticism of Japanese culture.  Ikebana is an invitation to discover the secret meanings behind these blossoms in the Japanese language of flowers

About Us

About Us

Universal Flower Service Corporation is a Japanese wholesale company that exports Japanese cut flowers and cut branches, while IKEBANA Co S.A.S. is a Colombian company that exports and sells Japanese cut flowers produced in Colombia.

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Our Mission 

Through "flowers" that color memories, time, space, and our hearts.
We hope that everyone involved will be able to enjoy the "flowery" spirit through flowers, which color memories, time, space, and our hearts.
For the sake of Japanese flower growers, we aim to establish a new sales channel overseas and to spread the IKEBANA culture in Japan.
We also aim to provide a stable supply of Japanese flowers throughout the year in Colombia, an equatorial country with a favorable climate, in order to deliver beautiful Japanese flowers to people all over the world.
Through these flower export and production businesses, we will contribute to the revitalization of rural areas in Japan and the promotion of agricultural exports, as well as to the development of the Colombian floriculture industry by creating employment for many low-income people and women in Colombia.

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